Maybe the best way to introduce Fellowship is to answer some questions you might have or haven’t yet thought of…

What do you believe?

We’re here to love Jesus Christ and make him known. You can visit our beliefs page to get more information.

What are your service times?

  9:30 am – Informal Bible Classes for all ages

10:30 am – Praise and Preaching

  6:00 pm – Practical Life Study

  7:00 pm – Adult Bible Discoveries and Small Group Prayer

  7:00 pm – Teen Bible Adventures

  7:00 pm – KidZone for pre-teens

How do I get to Fellowship?

Our address is 1503 SE 6th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. For detailed directions, please take a look at the map below.

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Where to do I go for Sunday school and worship services?

We meet in our auditorium for all worship services.

Sunday school classes, KidZone and Youth Adventures are held in a variety of places around the building and there is always a friendly face to help you find them.

What will I see when I get there?

A balance of energetic youth and comfortable elders and everything in between that are happy to see you.

A balance of contemporary methods and traditional values.

A balance of cutting edge electronics and Bibles and hymnbooks.

On Sunday morning people dress in suits, dresses, skirts, and jeans. There is a variety, so feel free to wear what’s comfortably modest. Sunday and Wednesday evenings are more casual.

Will I have to bring a Bible? What translation do you use?

All you need to do is come; we have Bibles you can use. For preaching in services, we use the New King James Version.

What are your services like?

Sunday morning will have a balance of uplifting and joyful music and a conservative philosophy. We all gather together in the auditorium and then children exit to children’s church during the singing portion. We offer a nursery for all services. The preaching time usually lasts about thirty minutes and the whole service is usually around an hour in length. There is always time before and after services to meet and fellowship with others.

How do I learn more?

You may want to look around this website, call us, or email us. You can find all of that information by clicking here.